VEGETAL SERVICE is a typology of open-space office furniture.

Designed in the context of a mandate for Canton de Vaud administration services, this typology materialize the will of modifying our shared offices behaviours, espacially concerning the presence of plants and vegetables inside a indoor open-space environment.

The main feature of this furniture serie is its wooden construction, breaking with traditional office materials.

The  structure is made of stained plywood, encapsulates ceramic plant pot and resting on wheels, all three components selected for their durable capacities.

The main asset of this typology is the capacity to be moved around the office to accomodates the needs of the users, thus creating spaces like waiting rooms, cafeterias, quick chat zones etc...VEGETAL SERVICE remains a sturdy, simple and handy piece of furniture made of easy to produce components.

Width 500 mm, length 1500 cm, height 1120mm. Wood.

Mandated project for Canton de Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Canton de Vaud | Freelance Project | Lausanne | September 2019