Reflexion is mirror which surprises by its thinness of 0.7mm and a weight of mere 600g. Its aesthetics are defined by the industrial feasibility without obsolete work steps, challenging the limits of the industrial production. The mirroring panel is made out of Gorilla Glass®, a cutting-edge material, which is on one hand extremely scratch-resistant and on the other makes an unprecedented ratio between surface size, thinness and rigidity possible. The carbon fibre rods support the mirror in a slender manner and finally a solid stone base anchors the structure on the ground. The value of the chosen materials is based on their production costs and capabilities, resulting in a piece defined by it’s constraints. The object is a mechanical ready-made, defining the future of luxury through the ultimate efficacy of the chosen materials.

The Mirror was conceived in collaboration with Miloš Ristin on the occasion of the exhibition "I Dream of Luxury" by NOV Gallery and will be shown at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milano Furniture Fair.
Pictures by Thévoz - Choquet

NOV Gallery / Freelance Project / Lausanne/Genève/Milano / April 2016