Today, each of us is seeking bodily perfection. The cult of the body and the will to make it attractive to everyone is therefore one of the challenges of our time.

In the near future, our progress in genetics will make these physical efforts superfluous.

To highlight this idea, we offer a trio of dumbbells, a pair of push-up bars and a two-hand dumbbell. Their formal language close to the architectural challenge is made of lacquered steel. Left to rest, these dumbbells become genuine sculptures.

Diameter max 8 cm, max height 42 cm. Stainless steel, chameleon paint. Each piece is unique, with its own finish.

On the occasion of the Milano Design week 2018, OLYMPIA is a gallery project for NOV Gallery, organizing an exhibition exploring the theme FUTURE ARTEFACT.
Pictures by Raphaëlle Mueller.

NOV Gallery | Freelance Project | Lausanne | April 2018