NORMA is a series of ceramic fruit trays.
Inspired by the mathematical, geometric and symmetrical division of gardens during the Quattrocento, each tray presents nine cavities organised in square, itself contained within a circle.
The cavities thus allow the gourmet, like a prince of the Italian Renaissance, to play and graphically compose the delicate fruits on the tray.

Diameter 60 cm, height 3 cm. Enamelled porcelain, enamelled chamotte clay. Each piece is unique, with its own finish and enamel.

On the occasion of the Design Days and the Parcours Céramique Carougeois 2017, NORMA is a gallery project for NOV Gallery, organizing an exhibition exploring the theme CERAMIC TABLESCAPE.
Realized at CERCCO of HEAD-Genève.
Pictures by HEAD-Genève, Baptiste Coulon & Raphaëlle Mueller.

NOV Gallery | Freelance Project | Genève | September 2017