N 46 ° 54’ / E 6 ° 34' reinterprets the classical notion of a Readymade. In the manner of Duchamp, we let the viewer see a familiar, seemingly worthless object in a new context. The New Readymade must be desirable, question the initial object and add a value though this switching of contexts. Through a change in materiality the chestnut branches obtain a new lecture and thereby a new value. These fragile chestnut branches, found in Fleurier, in the region of Val-de-Travers, Switzerland were transformed by a traditional craftsman Gilles Petit into a completely different material - bronze. Through the passage of time, the patina changes and lets the object age gracefully. Once mounted on the wall, these branches – natural readymades, become poetic coat racks.

This Project was conceived in collaboration with Miloš Ristin on the occasion of the exhibition "New Readymade" by NOV Gallery and was shown at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milano Furniture Fair 2017.
Pictures by Thévoz - Choquet

NOV Gallery | Freelance Project | Fleurier · Genève · Milano | April 2017