FILTERING GLASS STRAW is an open-source filtering protocol.

Its goal is to materialize our will of change, especially against single-use plastic straws.

The main feature of this straw is its paired tubes encapsulating a natural filtering cartridge. This cartridge is maintained during suction by two sintered glass layers.

This cartrigde is made of dried cilantro, activated carbon powder and moringa seeds powder, all three components selected for their water filtering capacities.

The key point is to balance the porosity of the sintered glass layers filtering the particles dangerous for the body without blocking the suction of the water to the mouth.

Anyhow, FILTERING GLASS STRAW remains a simple, light and handy tool made of easy to produce, recyclable and environmental friendly material; glass.

This device isn't made from industrial components, thus non 100% efficient, but demonstrates that common sense is needed if we want to live in harmony with our planet.

Diameter 14 mm, length 20 cm. Glass.

Finalist project of the WATER FUTURES design challenge by A-D-O.

A-D-O by Mini | Sponsored Project | Lausanne | December 2018